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Sri Lanka by car (11 tours)

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Day tour to Galle
Trip to the south of the island, to Galle. With possibly a boat trip to Bentota river and by boat to see coral reefs of Hikkaduwa with the beautiful beach. In Hikkaduwa Tsunami memorials we can see, as the affected train and giant Buddha. In Ambalangonda a visit to the factory mask, a visiting gem mines, the turtle shelter in Koskogada and a visit to Galle
The turtle farm and the Buddha


Day tour to elephants at Pinnawela
Visit the elephant orphanage at Pinnawela. With a route to visit a brick factory a pineapple farm and tea factory. And also enjoy a session of the elephants in Pinnawela. Here hundreds of orphaned elephants have been given a good home. There are many small elephants that are a little cocky at the elephant drivers. Washing dozens of elephants in the river is an experience. Pinnawela is become of tourists but for me it’s still heartwarming.


Day tour to Kandy
Kandy is the national religious center of Sri Lanka. In the Temple of the Tooth, Dalada Maligawa, the tooth of Buddha preserved. Every day here attended ceremonies. And once a year, in July or August can also find a 10 day festival, the Esala Perahera.
Visit the elephant orphanage Pinnawela. With a route to visit a brick factory a pineapple farm and tea factory.
Stonefactory and pinneapples


Day tour to Ratnapura
The way we do the beautiful botanical gardens at Kandy. This is a very famous garden with a beautiful orchid collection, but also with enormous trees and other tropical surprises. The fruit bats hanging many (large bats with dog heads). In the temple dance performed rituals that evening you can also visit.
Ratnapura, the city of jewels. The highlight is the jewelry market. Men are trading, market their precious gems. The road to Ratnapura is well worth it, go with ancient temples. Ratnapura is situated just outside an ancient temple, Potgul Vihara temple, on a high mountain. This climb is worth, eant the view from the top, almost as beautiful as from Adam’s Peak.
Gems in Ratnapura and the Potgul Vihara temple


Day tour to Colombo
Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka. Colombo can be reached by car but also very well with the train. In Colombo, the Hindu temple and the mosque highlights. But slave island and the promenade are not missing during this trip
The Hindoe temple and the mosk in Colombo

2 day tour to Udawala
The trip to the park is beautiful Udawala. A hilly / mountainous area with stunning views. Near the noblest city of Ratnapura, we visit the temple of Maha Saman Devala. This temple (built van1635 – 1687) is an important place for pilgrims. In Ratnapuara visit the gemstone market. Practically all the gems of the island from this district. Next we visit a mine and noblest come in the afternoon at the park Udawalawa. Afternoon in this wildlife park is a large jeep safari. The night takes place in the park. On the second day we travel back to Kalutara.
The Maha Saman Devala temple and Udawalawa park


3 day tour to Pinnawela, Sygria, Elephants in the wild, Dambulla and Kandy
See the highlights of three days in Sri Lanka
On one day we leave early to Pinnawela (see information on Pinnawela). In the afternoon we climbed the famous palace of Sigiriya. To be safe for the hosts of his brother King Kasyapa built a fortified palace on a high rock. The whole location of the site on that big rock, with steep stairs you can climb ladders and black is just very moving. Sigiriya is best known for its fine colorful frescoes which you can admire during the climb. Of the 500 women who originally were depicted on the rock and there are some in full costume to see. The last part of the afternoon we visit an elephant sanctuary.

On the second day we visit Dambulla. This was a sacred site of one of the kings of Anaradhapura. After a lot of stairs with naughty monkeys on it (keep your bananas out of sight) to get to the long white galleries provide access to the rock temples. You see here a fascinating series of Buddhas in various postures. The images are brightly colored and refined and the whole is a bit magical because many Buddhas painted on the ceilings and walls look at you. At the end of the afternoon we drive to Kandy. One suggestion is the place where the elephants every day in the river washed. In the evening we visit a Kandy dancing show. The next morning we visit early in the Temple of the Tooth and then we travel back to Kalutara
Washing elephant and the Perahera
Kandy dancing

The temple of the tooth and elephant safari


3 day tour to Nuwara Eliya
The City of Light “, Nuwara Eliya is an old British hill station located in the shadow of the Pidurutalaga, the highest mountain on the island (2524 meters). If it was too hot on the coast, the British in the hills. Nearby you have several old colonial houses, with beautiful landscaped gardens. It is also possible to visit a tea factory. You can then transfer the entire process from picking the fresh leaves into the tea dried up close. We see tea pickers go to work with baskets on their backs where they throw the tea leaves. We stop to remain in the tea picking up close and take pictures. The city is a market where all sorts of species (fleece) clothing purchase.


4 day tour to Anuradhapura, Dambulla,  Polonnaruwa en Kandy
This 4 day car trip is the most complete trip. After this trip you have all seen the highlights of Sri Lanka.
On the first day we travel to Anuradhapura via Negombo.
On the second day visit to Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa rezien, this city we visit these days ..
On the third day we visit travel to Kandy and Dambulla.
On the fourth day we traveled back to Kalutara.

Anuradhapura is the oldest city in Sri Lanka and a long time this has been the capital of the kingdom of Anuradhapura. The historical treasures are well preserved. The Royal gardens, the palace Mahasena and beautiful temples are still to be admired. Anuradhapura is an important pilgrimage.

Polonnaruwa, once the capital of the then Ceylon, was entirely forgotten, and completely overgrown by shrubs and trees. Now the old city, with help from UNESCO, again largely restored and you will find an almost completely excavated ruined city with beautiful sculptures on. It is one of the most impressive sites of ancient Ceylon, the Gal Vihara Shrine as perhaps the finest structure. Here are four Buddhas, from immense blocks of granite carved with flowers appropriate scales, where offerings can be lodged. Please also look at the stairs, with semicircular steps and decorated with pictures of plants or animals.

The other information can be found in the car trips to Kandy and Dambulla


3 day tour to Galle, stickfishing and Yale
On the first day we travel to Hambantota where we overnight. The first day is largely similar to the day trip to Galle, where we also visit the famous fishing pole.
The second day we visited early on a jeep safari to Yala National Park. This park has a variety of wildlife: this allows different groups of wild elephants up close and admire with a little luck monkeys, crocodiles or even a leopard! After the safari we travel to Hambantota.
Yala and stickishing


2 day tour to Negombo and Colombo
On the first day and a visit to Colombo in the afternoon arrival in fishing village of Negombo.
On the second day the possibility of the fish market on the beach to visit the city.
On the third day the return to Kalutara.
Negombo and the Dutch canal